Ways Transportation CRM Provides a Logistics Solution

For a logistic company keeping track of the various parts of the overall picture requires a systematic approach. Transportation CRM automates the process by keeping track of shipments, sales, customer service and measures marketing activity.

For any logistic business, transportation CRM software has the potential to support growth at any scale. For a company that’s ready to grow, CRM software can help facilitate that without things getting out of control.

To get a better sense of how CRM software can help your transportation business, take the time to read the rest of this article. You’ll notice that it’s an all-in-one solution which allows a logistics company to improve the efficiency of operations.

Keeps track of shipment data

At any moment in time, you need to know the status of a shipment. Having access to real-time information of shipment data allows you to know when shipments are going to be late, and when they are on track. Even in the event that a product doesn’t reach its destination, efficient tracking is still possible.

The CRM will notify you of any changes related to the shipment, which gives your customer support team a chance to get in touch with clients as soon as any issues pop up, thus providing a positive customer experience.

Also a good CRM platform will allow the business to add a tracking number to the client, if they are so inclined, so that the client can also monitor the progress of a shipment. This information provides a better service and prevents the need for additional communication between the company and the client if a delay occurs.

Improves customer order handling

With transportation CRMs like bpm’online, all order requests can be handled automatically, without the need for an employee to approve the order, making the whole process much more efficient. CRM software also allows estimated delivery dates and routes to be calculated in real time.

Other important things such as the size of shipments, cost of transportation and the points of loading are also calculated. The required data can be sent to the relevant department, giving employees instant access to actionable data.

Drives more sales

Software such as bpm’online can make use of real-time analytics to improve the sales process. And because a large part of the sales process is automated, it requires minimal input from employees. The history of each sale is tracked, and the data is used to make future improvements and streamline the process even further.

Also, with the advanced functionality that modern CRMs offer, such as lane level forecasting, managers will find it easier to analyze the data and make fairly precise plans, which will help them land better contracts and increase sales.


Transportation CRM software is an all-in-one solution for a complicated business model with multiple moving cogs. The various departments of such an operation need to communicate effortlessly to ensure the instances of errors are kept to a minimum.

This is why the ability to monitor shipments in real time and provide that information to the customers is highly beneficial. It lets the company employees and customers, if the company provides this option, know that a shipment is on track. Look at this website for an example of CRM software that handles this task exceptionally well.

Also, the ability to monitor sales performance and receive suggestions for improvements is a game changer for any business. It allows for an increase in profitability, thus the CRM software will more than pay for itself.


Transportation CRM software allows for efficient organization and live tracking of shipments. It also suggests opportunities of improved cross-selling and customer retention.

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